$510 / 1br - Private Room For Rent (Mobile)

Thank you for taking a look at the room I have available for rent. I'm the property owner, and I live here. I currently have one occupant. You will be the third occupant living at my house, and each of us will have our own private rooms. You will be sharing a bathroom with the current other occupant as I have my own private bathroom. We're both respectable, professional, very clean, and easy-going roommates. We expect you to also exhibit these qualities.

I'll put the majority of the six month lease agreement below. If you're interested, we'll set up a time to meet up so you can take a look.

Rent will be $510 every month. Upon moving in, the renter agrees to pay the first month of rent, and a security deposit of , totaling to The security deposit will be used towards any damages made by the renter, up to the full amount if damages meet or exceed . If damages made by the renter exceed , the renter will face eviction. If no damages are made by the renter, the security deposit will be returned at the end of the lease agreement period.

Prior to the ending of this lease agreement, the property owner will provide a three month notice in which they’ll discuss a possible new lease agreement. The renter will not receive back the security deposit if: they fail to provide an answer regarding a possible new lease agreement two months prior to the ending of this lease agreement, fails to pay the last month of rent for this lease agreement, or faces eviction.

Power, water, and Wi-Fi internet service are included in the rent. Rent is due by the first of each month. If rent payment is not received on the first of the month, a late fee of will be charged on the 6th of the month. If rent payment(along with the late fee) isn’t received by 12:00a.m. CST on the 7th of the month, the renter will face eviction.

A copy of the key for the front and side doors will be provided to the renter. No other person other than the renter will use the provided key. The renter agrees to move out no later than 12:00p.m. CST the day following the end of the lease agreement period and return the provided key. There will be no guests from the renter present without the renter also being present. Any smoking of tobacco, smoking of cloves, or vaping will occur outside. There will be no other occupants besides the current occupants and the renter of this lease agreement.

The renter is responsible for general cleanliness, supplying, and organization of the hallway bathroom. This bathroom will be used for all guests and will be shared by one current occupant. Both the hallway bathroom and the room they’re renting must be odor-free and not affect the remainder of the property. Renter is responsible for keeping common areas clean: kitchen, living room, laundry machine area, car parking area, and land surrounding the property. The renter agrees to have no pets. The renter is responsible for their own food, groceries, laundry supplies, and household items. Audio generated by the renter will not be in excess and be kept at a respectable level.

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