Parrot Sanctuary - Accepting New Birds (Pace)

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We are a very experienced family with all sizes of birds including as large as macaws and as small as parakeets. We have several macaws, cockatoos, an Amazon, and a cockatiel which are all rescues! My family all knows and handles every parrot in it flock and it’s all about safety.

We love our babies and take great care of them. We keep them socialized and handled even those that haven’t been handled and bite. One thing about me is I don’t give up on them no matter if I’m bit.

If requested, I could send photos to you of them adjusting and thriving with us, just as I have a few others owners that requested it! They’re our new extended family because our babies are FAMILY and anyone that loves them, we love! We have not and will not rehome them unless there is an extreme care issue. This has not happened yet and we’ve had some major anger issues and massive pluckers. We rehab them all in house.

Our back patio and pool are screened in so they can free fly if they want. I have videos to show the area they get to hang out in. There is also a concrete pad (I think 28ftx20ft) that we are building an aviary for even more fun!

Life gets hard, as we know but don’t feel bad for relinquishing your or your loved one’s parrot(s). Sometimes our timing in life doesn’t give them what they need to be healthy or their grief is extreme from losing their “person”. Don’t take a chance with relinquishing to pet stores that may or may not do their due diligence. Come be a part of our family!

They really would have an awesome life here.. just let us know if we can help in any way! We’re located in Pace, FL but will meet up and/or travel! Thank you!
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