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Craigslist audition TAKE 6
Hello my name is Chuck, and I am looking for musicians who are not currently in bands or working with other musicians as a group, if you have any musician friends and you are interested in attending a live jam session with other musicians, who have already add themselves to the list, Please message me, so you can be added to the list of musicians and come to a live Jam session. This thing is real, we already within days have 3 people on the list to attend the jam session, and we need a drummer for sure, when we find a drummer we will all get together in Riverside, and have a Jam session we may never forget, and a lot of fun too. its also a chance for you to meet other musicians, I will not be the only person there.
So no matter what instrument you play, get on the list today.
Hope to see you there.

Meet Oreo, an 11-month-old pup with a heart as big as his unique blend of Shih Tzu, Yorky, Coonhound, and Rottweiler. Oreo is in search of a new loving family due to an unfair living situation, but his resilient spirit and loving nature shine bright.

Oreo is a bundle of energy, yearning for space to stretch his legs and explore the world around him. He finds joy in the company of other dogs and thrives in a social environment where he can play and make new furry friends.

While Oreo hasn't been neutered, rest assured, he's up-to-date on all his vaccinations, ensuring his health and well-being. His affectionate nature knows no bounds, and he's known to be a gentle companion, especially with children.

Oreo may have a playful tendency to nibble, but with a gentle muzzle, he enjoys safe interactions and eagerly awaits his daily adventures. As his current family, we're heartbroken to part ways, but we know that Oreo deserves a loving home where he'll be cherished and adored.

If you're ready to welcome Oreo into your heart and home, he's eagerly waiting to become a cherished member of your family.

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